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Edmonton garage Door Repair

Your Local Edmonton Garage Door Repair Service

Providing the city of Edmonton with professional garage door repair service around the clock.

Local Edmonton Garage Door Repair Service

Professional Garage Door Repair in Edmonton

The city of Edmonton is full of large neighbourhoods with so many beautiful homes and they usually all have garage doors installed. Those garage doors are an integral part of your home not only a statement in style reflecting on the homeowner, but also a home for your vehicle or stored valuables, and you don’t want them breaking on you but when or if they do, all you need to do is call A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton. We offer all our loyal customers in Edmonton all types of repairs for your garage doors, our emergency garage door repair and replacement services are offered 24/7. There are so many big and small parts that go into how your garage door stands and functions, sometimes one of those parts may start having problems. If this does happen, you will want a skilled and local company to come over and take a look at what is going on in order to repair it professionally and safely. We know how frustrating it can get and annoying when you realize you may require a repair on your garage door but, A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton, we promise you that when we work with you, we will make sure your experience with our garage door repair is quick, easy and will take your stress away.

Top Rated Garage Door Service

Top Rated Garage Door Repair and Replacement In Edmonton 

A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton provides both repair and replacement services on your garage doors here in the city of Edmonton. Your garage is where you keep valuable stuff such as your cars and other stored possessions. In the case your experiencing damaged garage door difficulties and may need a professional to take a look at your door concerns, remember that A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton is here for you. Our network of emergency garage door repair and replacement experts pride themselves in providing the utmost quality in product and service. Whether you’re looking to replace your garage door from damage that was done to it, to increase your home’s curb appeal, or even for increased security, we offer all kinds of garage door types. All you need to do is call us to book a time and our certified and insured emergency garage door repair and replacement technicians will show up to your property in a work van equipped with all of the material they require, in order to provide you with a garage door repair or replacement. We make sure to always leave your home or business spotless and only after we triple check to ensure that the service we provided is complete, so that your garage doors will be functioning as brand new. Do not wait until the last minute that may progress to more damage, resulting in a costly emergency. Call A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton today!

Professional Garage Door Repair in Edmonton

Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Repair and Replacement Services We Offer 

We have listed only a few of the emergency garage door repair and replacement services we provide for your garage doors so do not worry if you do not see a service that you need listed above. Please give us a call so that we can see exactly how we can help you get your garage door back to functioning like new. If you have a broken garage door that will not completely close or it got stuck shut, by possible debris buildup or even unalignment, then that is something we recommend getting fixed right away not only for your convenience but also for your safety. Your garage door is often the entry point to your home, not only, but also allows for direct access to valuable possessions stored in there and you do not want to make it easy for anybody to break in. The last thing you need is a situation where you need your car, but your springs are broken causing your garage door to get stuck shut. To avoid or resolve these problems, all you need to do is call A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton and we will be there to repair it and replace it all.

  •  Residential garage door repair and replacement 
  • Garage door spring repair and replacement 
  • • Emergency garage door repair 
  • • Garage door installations 
  • • Garage door opener repair 
  • • Garage door panel replacement 
  • • Garage door track and roller repair 
  • • And much more!


When searching for a professional company for your garage doors, we know that reliability is one of the key factors you look for, and A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton is the right fit for you. We offer many services and are not limited to the lists we have provided. The moment you give us a call, our team of service representatives are ready to accept your calls to further answer any questions you may have but also dispatch the appropriate garage door repair or replacement technician. At this point our specialist will connect with you, providing an accurate estimated time of arrival, not only, but offer knowledgeable information on your doors all throughout the repair, with hopes to leave you with an exceptional service experience. Allow us the opportunity in showing you what makes A to Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton the leading garage door repair and replacement company in Edmonton, where the job will be done right the first time. Do not hesitate and let us relieve you of any garage door troubles you are experiencing.

Emergency Locksmith Service


Emergencies are often unpredictable but unfortunately occur more often than not, and when you call A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton, our workforce of qualified and dependable emergency garage door repair and replacement technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can never expect when an emergency will occur so its best to have our phone number on hand so that you can be prepared in case something goes wrong. You may notice that something is wrong and your garage door wont open, but your car is inside, and you urgently need to leave. This is when our emergency garage door service comes in handy. You can give us a call the moment you notice your garage door is needing urgent attention and we will be sure to answer right away so that we can collect your information and dispatch one of our emergency garage door repair technicians to your location. Our company goal is to leave you 100% satisfied with the repairs we complete 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any of your emergency needs.

Emergency Locksmith Service


When you are getting your garage doors repaired and replaced, we know that you want only the best quality of work performed on your garage door. You can be sure to count on our garage door experts in providing fast and excellent maintenance or repair services for any type of garage door, whether its for your residence or commercial business, we have you covered. Trying to repair a damage yourself can do more damage than good, not only it can be very dangerous, and you can badly injure yourself.  When you call A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton, we can make certain that all of our garage door experts are certified and insured to help you with any type of repair concerns. An attractive, but more importantly, functioning garage door can increase the value of your property. Our team is well experienced and fully trained to handle all the products we sell and install. If you are looking for expert garage door repair and replacement services, don’t look any further and call A to Z Door Repair Edmonton, we look forward to working with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have the answers!

Can you install a new automatic garage door opener in my home?

Yes, A to Z Garage Door Repair in Edmonton can install any compatible automatic garage door opener for you, and we can supply the opener!

Is it dangerous to try and change my own garage door springs?

Yes for someone who is not trained, it can be very dangerous working with garage door springs, as they are under very high levels of tension, best to always have a professional install your garage door springs.

One of the cables on my garage door snapped, is it still safe to use?

If one of the cables has broken, you should not operate the door, it is designed to operate with both cables, this may create higher pressure on the motor or other components if you operate the door with a broken cable and lead to further damage.

Can you replace just one panel on our door that was damaged, or does the whole door need to be replaced?

It is usually possible to replace just the damaged panels on your door, and it is important to do so, as operating a door with damaged panels can cause permanent damage to the opener, track, springs, cables or roller, as it will create increased stress on the system.

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