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Below you will find a handful from hundreds of our satisfied clients that have taken the time to leave us a review on their experience with us. Our goal is to have each customer 100% satisfied with our top quality repair and installation service. Allow us the opportunity to show you what makes us the city’s first choice garage door repair company that differentiates us from other competitors. We have been in business for over ten years and value your time with us, we want to relieve you of any concerns you might have with your garage in a timely manner.

Garage door spring replacement

Lucas Frolov

“I called A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton when I saw that one of the springs to my garage door has completely snapped off. This company was the one with the best reviews, so I decided to give them a go and hopefully have my garage doors working again. They were extremely friendly and professional when I called and told me a technician will get in contact with me. Not even 20 minuets pass by, and the technician gave me a call and went over all the details with me before booking a time. They also book pretty close in advance, so I was able to have him come out the next day. He did great job replacing my springs and I would definitely recommend this company for garage door repairs to all of my friends and family.”

Garage door panel repair

Melanie Lynch

“I had a few of the neighbours’ kids playing floor hockey on the streets and my house was the unfortunate one to get the garage door smacked by the hockey puck. Luckily it was only a small dent on one of my garage door panels but I still wanted to get that repaired so it didn’t get worse and so that I didn’t have to look at that dent all the time. My husband told me to call A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton since we have used them before, and I am very pleased with the services I received. They were very quick to answer and book a day and time with me. The technician that arrived was very polite and was able to buff out that dent very quickly. If anyone is looking for a great and professional garage door repair company, this is the place I would recommend.”

Garage door track and roller replacement

Benny Steed

“I had recently purchased a home that needs some work done to it. I had already called A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton for replace my garage doors and as the weeks went on, I realized the track and rollers were not in great condition and just wanted to fully replace them. I had a great experience with A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton so I figured I would call them again and they did not disappoint. The tech knew exactly what he was doing, and I am extremely happy with the end results. My garage doors now open n close so much smoother and everything looks brand new thanks to these guys. I would 100% recommend them to anyone.”

Garage door installation

Allison Chao

“My partner and I have been building our own home and we got to the part where we need to install garage doors. I searched online for a local garage door company and A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton popped up first. I gave them a call and was really satisfied speaking with the technician, so I booked a day for them to come. The technician was very helpful with helping us find the perfect garage doors for our home and explained the process very thoroughly to us. Our experience was great with this company. They did an excellent job at installing our garage doors and they have been working perfectly ever since. They even cleaned up before they left and from previous experiences that has not happened to us, so I was very happy with that. Overall, we had a great experience and would most definitely recommend.”

Emergency garage door repair 

Owen Bolton

“My garage door got stuck open one night and I could not get it down and did not want to risk breaking it. It was nighttime so I really did not want to leave my garage door open all night, so I searched up to see if there were any emergency garage door companies and lucky for me, A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton came up. I did not know they worked 24/7 so I was very excited. I called them and they had a technician call me back in just 10 minuets. I explained to him my issue and he was able to come over within the hour, which is just amazing to me. He came and figured out the issue and my garage door was back to working again. I will definitely be saving their number for the future. They show that they care bout their customers and they do a great job too.”

Garage door opener repair 

Marie Muller

“My garage door opener remote randomly stopped working on me one day and I was freaking out thinking I had to replace the whole thing, so I searched up a garage repair company near me and A To Z Garage Door Repair Edmonton is the first that came up, so I gave them a call. they had a tech contact me and bless him because he was very kind and patient with me while I was freaking out. He assured me that I probably just need a reprogramming on my remotes, so I booked him in to come the next day. When he came, he started right away, and it honestly felt like it only took him 10 minuets to fix the problem. He was able to program all my remotes and they started working again perfectly. I cannot thank these guys enough and I will recommend them always.”